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Who We are

Clear Communications is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that offers specialized business communication solutions to organizations that employ foreign educated professionals. We provide business owners and managers with coaching and training programs that feed your bottom line and allow your foreign educated professionals to perform at par with their Canadian-born peers.

Solutions you CAN afford

Clear Communications provides cost effective solutions that eliminate the problems associated with accented English. Our training options bridge the gaps between learning English and speaking English with fluency, accuracy and effectiveness.

Graduates of our training courses have reported an increase of up to 30% in their productivity plus lower job related stress. Others have been promoted to management positions within their organizations, a practice which guards proprietary information and saves on external hiring costs.

Accents are no accident

They are predictable and changeable. One must learn what to hear in the new language and how to position the mouth to speak accurate sounds, rhythms and intonations. Small and normal things in one language become huge confusing 'boulders' in another. Those learning English look at English words and automatically interpret the letters to sound somewhat like sounds in their own language. This can make words like 'coffee' and 'coughing' or 'exit' and 'excite,' which are distinctly different to an English speaker, to be said and heard as the same sounds.

Mouth muscles need to be in the right position with the right tension to make correct sounds, like any finely tuned instrument. Ears need to be alerted to hear the slight differences that native speakers hear. Rhythms that don't match those of the native speakers often offend or confuse the listener. Words spoken with a friendly intent but using a flat, rapid tone can be perceived as aggressive. Learning what to listen for helps the foreign speaker to understand that 'Do you want to go?' and 'Joo wanna go?' are the same thing. Foreign speakers of English can now become clear and effective communicators and Clear Communications provides the tools.

If you could see an accent, it might look like this:

cAn YOu reAD tHIs eaSIlY? 

Just as spelling mistakes slow down, frustrate and confuse us when reading, the verbal mistakes in accented English often cause listeners to misunderstand what the speaker is saying. When reading, our eyes skim over correctly spelled words with ease but stop and puzzle over mistakes. When listening, unexpected sounds and rhythms in accented English disguise what the speaker is trying to say and cause the listener (and speaker) a great deal of frustration. Accents often distract from the message; they can confuse rather than communicate.

People speak using their own default program

Computers and gadgets, such as cell phones, generally run on default programs unless we change the settings or upgrade the system. Generally, one doesn’t even know what the default does or what other options could do. A cell phone purchased overseas will likely need some adjustments to function here in Canada. Foreign sounding voices often have clarity problems, and like cell phones, the words fade in and out, creating frustration for both the listener and the speaker.

Our unique training programs help foreign speakers of English to correct mouth ‘settings’ and sounds, and to speak nearly flawless English. They also learn to tune their ears to understand English nuance, expressions and fast conversations. In other words, they learn to set a correct default program for speaking and hearing English.

Can you afford confusion in your workplace?

The global economy brings people together from around the world and fills our Canadian work place with many needed and highly skilled workers. However, along with the needed skills comes communication and cultural challenges. Valuable and technically savvy foreign educated employees with communication problems need special programs with specially trained instructors. Clear Communications’ programs can eliminate the confusing aspects of accented English and speed up meetings, sales, and problem solving.

Who in your organization is held back by weak speaking skills? Contact Clear Communications. You and your foreign trained professionals can become more profitable.... FAST!

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