Accent Training Information

English Accent Clarity and Professional Speaking Skills is specifically designed to resolve issues with speaking and writing skills of foreign educated professionals. Weak to adequate English speech and accents turn into clear, concise, direct and accurate communication. Slow, repetitive writing efforts are replaced by fast, effective interactions using current work vocabulary and style. Since writing and speaking are both preceded by thoughts, working on all three functions – speaking, writing, thinking – together stabilizes and accelerates learning.


Communication Challenges for Companies when English is NOT clear are:

  • Messages have to be repeated
  • Errors are made
  • Deadlines are missed
  • Excessive supervision is often required
  • Respect and team spirit are diminished

... and the impact on your productivity can be devastating.


There are Hidden Costs when your employees have trouble understanding and communicating in English. They can be viewed as being less intelligent.  This lack of respect can lead to:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Staff turnover
  • Loss of promotability
  • Poor customer service
  • Disruption of work flow
  • Human rights issues


The Solution is English Enhancement Training, training that feeds your bottom line. Strengthening communications skills can:

  • Increase productivity by as much as 30 %
  • Create safer working conditions
  • Remove barriers and create more unified work groups
  • Improve speech accuracy and listener ease
  • Create opportunities for promotion and succession planning
  • Build employee competence and confidence
  • Empower staff to reach their full productive potential


Experience has shown that coaching speaking and writing during the same time period increases the speed of learning and produces the highest level of transference from the classroom to the work environment. For two hours every week – one hour for accent and speaking skills and one hour for business writing -participants work one-on-one with their coaches.  This fast and efficient learning method deals with each person’s specific challenges and builds job specific communication skills that can be used immediately in the everyday work environment. 


            Speaking Goals                                                                Writing Goals

  • Clearer pronunciation and speaking style
  • Higher productivity
  • More effective presentation and phone skills
  • Fewer mistakes in grammar and word choice
  • Ability to self-correct
  • Increased confidence and lowered stress
  • More effective thinking and planning skills
  • More efficient conversations
  • Fewer repetitions and listening concerns
  • Clearer, more direct writing style
  • Higher productivity
  • Effective, time-efficient memos, e-mails
  • Fewer mistakes in grammar and style
  • Ability to self-edit
  • Increased confidence and less stress
  • More organized thinking and planning
  • Reduced writing workload
  • Fewer rewrites

These programs are usually offered in 12-week blocks, consisting of 1 hour per topic of on-site coaching per week for each participant. To achieve their English goals, most students require between two and four, 12-week blocks of instruction. 

Other specially designed programs, presentations and workshops are delivered to meet the unique needs of the client.



Peggy Kayne, of Clear Communications, has created a proven and proprietary system for delivering accent clarity quickly and with dramatic results. For over 20 years, she has delivered courses to foreign educated professionals which quickly produce clear, accurate and effective English speech. Ms Kayne has created unique training materials such as Sound Relationships – an accent textbook with CDs, a speech training video –Say it Right – used in ESL classrooms around Alberta since 1999 and a variety of client-specific programs that make businesses more productive. Since 2000, through Athabasca University, the distance education university, she has written and tutored English 149 Advanced Listening and Speaking and tutored other courses including reading, business writing and business communications.                                           

Clear Communications collaborates with highly qualified writing specialists and other consultants to provide companies with the best training available. These professionals have many years of experience coaching and instructing business communications at the university level and in business organizations.

Client Feedback:

“This communication training was a great learning experience for me. My speaking and writing changed from long complicated sentences and repetitions to more concise, direct conversations and phone calls. I also understand how to minimize my accent to be a better communicator, save time and accomplish more things with less effort.”             – D.S., - P.Eng, Design Survey Manager, ABSA

“I studied English for many years and thought there was nothing more that I could do. This course answered all my questions. I converse better in English than I ever thought possible.” – M.P. – IT Expert

"I am so happy to inform you that I passed the IP exam.  I was able to improve my communication skills because of all your help.  I hope that you will continue to share your ideas, knowledge and abilities with the many people who need them." - F. Soliven, Power Line Technician  

“The speech and writing helped to greatly improve my accuracy and confidence. I believe this training played a significant role in my promotion to manager.” – P.K. Research Engineer, C-FER Technologies  

“I am so pleased with being able to write and speak so much better in English. (The people I work with are too!). Now I can write reports and memos, and make phone calls and presentations that people understand. My training experience was above and beyond my training expectations.”  - R.O. Project Manager, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.  

“I enjoyed every one of your classes...that helped me get better pronunciation. Your unique concepts need to be popularized as an effective method of advanced English language learning.” – S.A. Electric Safety Engineer  

“This has been a life-changing experience!  I never realized how limited I was before I took this training.” –Z.  X. W – Assoc. Prof. of Business  

“I understand my deficiencies in English better.  In a very short period of time I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my pronunciation thanks to the training. I can communicate better with my team and all the stakeholders”. – A. F – Project Manager, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

"The Accent Training component is an essential part of the Enculturation Program for the International Priests and very popular with the participants. We are glad that you have been training our priests since 2006." – A.S. , Reverend and Human Formation Director, St. Joseph Seminary


Our Clients include:

  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)
  • Alberta Environment
  • Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures        (formerly Alberta Research Council)
  • B.G.E. Service & Supply Ltd.
  • C-FER Technologies
  • Dr.  El-Bialy Professional Corp.
  • Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  • Newman Theological College and St. Joseph Seminary
  • Priority 1 Sandblasting and Coatings Inc
  • Saipem Construction Canada