What We Do

Clear Communications offers need-specific, high quality training ... that WORKS.

Since 1989, Clear Communications has been helping businesses in the Edmonton area to reduce communication barriers for their valuable, foreign trained professionals. Our personalized programs bridge the gaps between learning English (reading, grammar and writing) and speaking with the local accent needed for business success. As accents diminish, people are seen as effective and confident Canadian professionals. In the workplace, they demonstrate their communication improvement by skillfully meeting customer needs, building trust relationships, and conducting meetings, thereby enhancing company credibility and profits.

Don’t miss out on hiring technically competent foreign educated individuals with weak speaking skills. Within 6 to 18 months, Clear Communications can train difficult-to-understand speech into clear and Canadian-sounding speech.


Does it really matter how your employees speak?

Whether spoken or written, when English is NOT clear...

  • Messages have to be repeated
  • Errors are made
  • Deadlines are missed
  • More supervision is required
  • Respect and team spirit are diminished

...the impact on your productivity can be devastating.