How Clear Communications can improve your bottom line

Not only does unclear speech impact productivity, but also there are hidden costs. When your employees have trouble understanding or communicating in English, they can be viewed as being less intelligent. This lack of respect can lead to:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Staff turnover
  • Loss of promotability
  • Poor customer service
  • Disruption of work
  • Human rights issues

Clear Communications Training feeds your bottom line

Strong Communication Skills will:

  • Increase productivity by as much as 30%
  • Remove barriers and create a more unified work group
  • Improve speaker accuracy and listener ease
  • Create opportunities for promotion and succession planning
  • Build employee competence and confidence
  • Empower staff to reach their full potential
  • Help companies avoid unsafe work situations

The Secret Ingredient...

Peggy Kayne defined what it is to speak English. Her methods assist foreign speakers to learn quickly. Without training, foreign accents persist throughout a lifetime. To change an accent, people must learn to use specific muscles, sounds, rhythms and intonations that are unique to English. They must learn how to group and blend words within sentences.

This proven proprietary system includes one-on-one training that shows students the correct use of their lips and tongue. It develops correct pitch and rhythm strategies that immediately make speech sound more English. This system has been so successful that some of our graduates are mistaken as being Canadian-born.

It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a specialized team of trainers to train a foreign-sourced professional to communicate ‘at par’ with his or her Canadian-born peers. Clear Communications also collaborates with other professionals to deliver writing skills training for our clients. Combining writing instruction with the speaking program has proven to increase the speed and quality of transference from the classroom to the workplace. Writing instruction supports speech training and vice versa. Recognizing how past tense verbs are pronounced in English helps clear up spelling problems in writing. Practicing word order and correct grammar helps learners use better constructions when speaking.

Our rapid learning strategies are cost-effective.  Employees spend less time in training and more time applying their new skills at work. They move from translating the foreign language into English to thinking in English. They are better understood by their readers and listeners. Graduates of our programs build stronger and more productive relationships at work and in the community.

Don’t miss out on hiring technically competent foreign educated individuals with weak speaking skills. Within 6 to 18 months, Clear Communications can train difficult-to-understand speakers to be clear and sounding near-Canadian.