Signs of Communication Struggles in Your Workplace

What signs should you look for?

Among the foreign trained employees at your workplace, is there someone who....

  • Requires repeated instructions and extra time to understand directions and share spoken information?
  • Is difficult for customers to understand on the phone and perhaps also in person?
  • Has lots of experience but rarely talks at meetings?
  • Has weak and sometimes confusing written work, often requiring extra editing?
  • Requires extra supervision to complete tasks?
  • Nods agreement during explanations, but fails to complete some tasks correctly?
  • Makes errors that slow down work flow because of misunderstandings?
  • Doesn’t seem able to discuss anything outside job specific tasks?
  • Gives answers that don’t match the questions?
  • Is silent instead of responding to questions, especially in a group?
  • Is always outside the socializing at lunch?
  • You would like to consider for promotions or more people related positions, but is too difficult to understand?

These scenarios often indicate that foreign trained employees are having difficulty with spoken English. They are listening, but not understanding, conversational English and may be having particular difficulty with idioms and slang. Clear Communications' training programs resolve these problems, so your company can enjoy fully-functioning, confident, and flexible employees.