Training Options

English Accent and Business Communications

English Accent Clarity and Professional Speaking Skills

Clear Communication is the expert of choice for eliminating the interruptive aspects of accented English.  Although accents can be interesting, entertaining and an indicator of the land of origin, they also separate people rather than bring people together.  Within the business community, conversing, sharing information and working quickly are critical. Communication interrupters reduce the effectiveness of otherwise highly skilled people. Accents, noisy environments, and poor cell phone reception all make it hard for people to do their jobs well and gain the competitive advantage.

Clear Communications provides client-specific Accent and Presentation Skills courses to foreign educated professionals. Our goal is to give people the choice to speak in the most effective way in the Canadian workplace. Most work is done one-on-one to provide the fastest and most cost-effective method of meeting our clients’ needs.  Small group training and video conferencing have also been used to meet specific client needs.

Our courses bring students toward flawless Canadian speech through the following strategies:

  • Define how sounds are made and guide students to use their muscles in new ways to produce English sounds.
  • Maximize speaking clarity by applying predictable phrasing, rhythm and intonation patterns
  • Build listening skills that will clarify rapid conversation and the subtle changes in tone and meaning
  • Expand understanding and use of idioms, jargon and expressions that are commonly used today
  • Produce flexible foreign sourced employees who can work at par with their Canadian born peers

Business Writing

Our Business Writing courses are tailored to the individual needs of professionals who need to polish their business and technical writing skills.  This increases the speed and accuracy of writing and reduces the costly editing that often must be done to ensure that writing by foreign speakers of English is accurate and representative of your company’s image.

Custom Programs for Foreign Sourced Professionals

Clear Communications creates courses to meet the needs of your professional employees.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Make Your Life Better – HAHA !

Identify habits and attitudes that keep you running in circles and use humour to jump start your action plan.

Some Talk is Worth More than Other Talk

Speaking is such a common skill and everyone does it.  Why is it hard for some people to get positive responses?  Learn some useful things you can do to be more influential.  

Foreign Accents are No Accident

This presentation is for everyone who enjoys learning something new. It is an interesting and lighthearted explanation of some of the things that happen inside your mouth or in someone else’s.  Since we learn speaking habits when we are very young, we often have no idea about what we have learned.  We also think that ‘what I do everyone does,’ but not so.  There are language specific habits that create specific sounds in one language and accents in another.  Find out what is going on in that dark toothy hole in your face. You might even find a way to say something that has previously been impossible for you, understand why someone makes the same mistake over and over again, find a ‘fix’ for yourself, or just learn more than most people know about accents .   

Be a Great Communicator

About 20 % of people won’t like us, 20 % definitely will and the rest need to be convinced.  Look at your style, who you need to talk to, and how to positively influence most of the people in your life most of the time.  Role play, discuss options and give a short presentation.