Are you tired of struggling to be understood when you speak english?

Do you want to sound like a native Canadian
when you speak?

My program will show you how to train your tongue and mouth muscles to produce the Canadian English sounds effortlessly.

Applying my proven simple 'how-to' tricks and techniques will make your English sound clear, local and effective.




Who Am I?

My name is Peggy Kayne and I have been training immigrant professionals to speak clearly since 1990.

I left my secure job at the school board to create a real speaking solution for the immigrants I met who could not get into their professional jobs.

I was inspired to offer pronunciation training when an immigrant employee working at a Mr. Lube shop could not speak in a way I could understand him.

He looked professional and was good at his job, but I had to ask "Pardon me?" "Say that again," "Please repeat that" several times so he could tell me what he needed for my car’s oil change steps.

As I went to pay my bill I thought, "I could really help this man with his pronunciation!"

And many hundreds of clients later, my students are proof that I truly can "Teach immigrants how to talk Canadian English."

How Does It Work?

There are three levels of pronunciation success trainings that will provide you with all the skills you need to speak clearly and understand others – no matter how fast they speak English.

Pre-testing of your recorded speech at the beginning and end of each course will show you how much you have improved.

Daily practice for 20 or more minutes a day will secure your new clear Canadian speech.

What Clients Have Said About My Training...

My Clients Have Reported That They:

💡 Are surprised and pleased to be mistaken as Canadian-born

💡 Were promoted to higher management positions because their speech was clear and sounded professional

💡 Have lower stress at work, are more comfortable speaking on the phone or in big team meetings, can answer complex technical questions and keep up with the fast pace of conversation

A busy surgeon reported that he is now easily understood by patients and colleagues alike.

One of my favourite success stories was a Taiwanese student who was looked down upon because she didn’t have the money to attend ‘better’ schools back home. Now she speaks English better than any of her old school friends, became a certified jeweler, and was a prosperous manager of high-end jewelry stores. Now her snobby friends wish they could be like her!

Master These Skills At Each Level...

Bronze Level 1

Learn the essential tongue positions and easy exercises to build facial muscles
  • Learn to hear and separate similar-sounding vowels
  • Identify the differences between Long and Short Vowels
  • Use the jaw movements and holds that are used in English
  • Learn how and why to make some syllables long and others very quick
  • Begin correcting consonant sounds “R”, “Th”, “T and D”
  • Begin applying English intonation patterns starting with words to phrases and sentences
  • Begin using the up and down vocal patterns (music) of English speech

Silver Level 2

Add fluency to your accuracy skills
  • Practice the up and down movement of sounds and Canadian rhythms
  • Break sentences into meaningful phrases and speak in phrases
  • Hear and speak common greetings like “How do you do?” to sound like ‘HAH.dee.oo.DO?’ Practice consonant sounds until they become easy and accurate
  • Write and record a telephone message. Later, record and the two versions for accuracy
  • Learn how to link consonants to consonants and consonants to vowels
  • Practice and record short conversations. Correct the errors
  • Hear and copy rhythms that change the meaning of sentences

Gold Level 3

Continue to apply linking and grouping to dialogues and short readings and technical articles
  • Difficult sounds will be reviewed and addressed
  • Develop listening and self-correcting skills
  • Record your first reading exercises, practice, and record again. Analyze and correct errors
  • Develop a slower professional, Canadian pace of speech – the ‘power’ pace
  • Listening to recorded selections and read out loud with them to entrain your reading speed with north American voices
  • Practice conversations, phone calls, and face to face meeting skills. Record yourself and assess your techniques
  • You will feel more comfortable and speak more clearly while presenting information

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how much you practice the simple exercises.  The courses are planned for weekly lessons for 10 or 12 weeks.

Try out some of the ‘how to‘ exercises. If they help you to correct some common problems. Do you want more information like these?

Answer the questions in my free PDF and you will see how many things are difficult for you and taking these courses will work your way out of these difficult situations.

Yes. You will have an opportunity to purchase materials through Clear Communications’ website.

Yes, there are 1 on 1 coaching classes, small group classes and larger groups when there are enough students.

You should be scheduled to a time and into an individual class time or a group that meets your needs.

Most classes will meet for 1 per week for 10 or 12 weeks. For the large class groups we will meet weekly for 2 hour meetings.

No but these courses are planned to give a student

1. the basic accurate sound production skills,
2. the rhythm and intonation skills that produce natural up and down tones (like the music of English) that makes English sound English,
3. Learn to be a more persuasive and an effective speaker. 

Altogether, a graduate should experience more inclusion, respect and opportunities to compete for the jobs you want without you English skills getting in the way of you promotions.

Individual 1 on 1 coaching:

Small groups of 3 to 6 people:

Larger groups go slower and enjoy the friendship and support of the group while being instructed and guided to correcting speaking skills by a skilled instuctor.

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Are you ready to learn how to speak like a canadian?

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Daily practice will be your key to greatest improvement!

Peggy Kayne

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