Advancing Your Career In A New Country: Mastering The Canadian Accent

Mastering the Canadian accent can take a great deal of practice and dedication. When it comes to advancing your career in a new country, one of the most important factors is your ability to communicate. As the Canadian accent is distinct from many other accents, mastering it can be a great way to make an […]

Underneath The Words You Speak

Speaking fluently is like walking smoothly along flat sidewalks. However, as the walkway or speech-way, becomes broken and bumpy with new sounds of a new language, what happens to your pace?  Your steps become irregular and you may even stumble. The ease of speaking quickly and smoothly in your native language is replaced by stumbles […]

Difference Between Canadian and American Speech

What’s the difference between Canadian and American speech today? The more we watch and listen to American and Canadian movies, TV shows, news programs, podcasts, and other media the more we sound the same. There is still the Southern drawl (stretching vowels) and the cowboy drawl and a bit of Harvard style and California style […]

Improve Your Market Value!

Peggy can help improve your market value! As an educated immigrant with good qualifications, getting a job can be a big challenge in this market. However, note what Employment Counsellor, Ron W. observed. Peggy’s techniques for teaching people to speak with a local accent are exceptional. Two clients, within days of finishing training with her, […]