Peggy can help improve your market value!

As an educated immigrant with good qualifications, getting a job can be a big challenge in this market. However, note what Employment Counsellor, Ron W. observed.

Peggy’s techniques for teaching people to speak with a local accent are exceptional. Two clients, within days of finishing training with her, found jobs quickly, and that was after months of unemployment! The before and after difference in their speaking skills was profound!”

The Clear Communications methods help people from any language background. Peggy teaches simple steps that strengthen the right muscles and positions the tongue to speak sounds that are clearly Canadian English!

Invest in yourself today!  Shorten the long, slow process to getting a good job that will use your best training and skills. You have come a long way to get here.  Speaking ‘almost right’ sounds won’t open the doors to being understood or to building trust relationships in Canada. How you speak is a key to opening work opportunities in this new country. However, the sounds you speak are like a key that unlocks your front door. If the key is cut just a little bit different than the teeth in your lock, the door will not open.

Learning English is mostly a process of memorizing, reading, and writing; these are all visual recall skills. Speaking is an auditory-kinesthetic process. There is some speaking involved in learning English, but the teachers, as a rule, don’t know the secrets to how to correct speaking errors.

Everyone is doing their best but ESL (English as a Second Language) just doesn’t have the tools to teach the physiology of speaking correctly.  So, a broad range of sounds are accepted as ‘good’. But Peggy knows the secrets to making correct sounds in English!

People in business are not usually very sympathetic with newcomers who don’t speak clearly. Businesspeople want employees who can function, speak, and understand English well. Misunderstandings cost money and time. Efficiency is created when things are done right, and quickly – the keys to making money.  Just having the ability to do the work is not enough because people working together must also speak with each other, and often make and take phone calls to keep things moving smoothly.  Accents are easily misunderstood.

Accented English can disrupt the workflow and slow down work processes.  Employers sometimes invest in training their employees to speak English clearly. This might be the chosen path but most employers are looking for ‘ready to work’ individuals. It costs time and money to re-educate people to speak better. (Employers often say, “This is not my job.”  I’m looking for job-ready people.) 

Individuals can take after hours training to improve their speaking skills but many people who need this training cannot afford it and others go to work with people in their ethnic communities. Working with people from ‘home’ can be good but does not fully integrate people into society.  Beyond that, ‘how-to’ speak English’ is a very specialized skill that few teachers can do and get Canadian-sounding English.  Amazing results is what Peggy offers. 

Check out English Pronunciation and Effective Speaking Skills. This is the three-level course that Peggy has developed and gives clients clear speaking skills for a fair price. Graduates of this training owe their good jobs, good wages, and interesting, integrated lives in Canada from learning with Peggy how to speak English like a Canadian.

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